Can we have DDIs?

Yes. As many as you like. You can assign multiple DDIs to the same person, for instance if employees leave, you can assign their old DDI to their replacement/manager.

How many lines do we need?

One. Unlike the old telephone lines that are engaged when someone is on a call, you can have 1,000 concurrent calls with just one Spoke number.

Can we have free-phone numbers?


Can we have numbers in other towns and countries?


Can I keep my existing business number?

Yes. We can move (port) your business phone numbers, including free-phone numbers ands all landline, from your existing business phone service over to Spoke.

How long does porting take, and will my phone number be offline?

Your phone number will keep working and you won’t miss any calls. Once ported, calls will immediately ring on Spoke. We do all the work to port your numbers, and it generally takes between 3 and 20 days depending on your country and current provider.

If I move (port) my business number to Spoke, can I take it to another provider in the future?


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