How does pricing work?
You buy a subscription plan and can either pay month-to-month, (no contract), or sign up annually and get a good discount. There are three subscription plans. Each plan contains different features and service levels. You choose the subscription plan hat best suits your business needs.

The price of the subscription plan you choose, is what you will pay for each user you add. 

Are there free users?
Yes. Free users can call other team mates and attend internal or customer conference calls. Free users are unable to make or take external calls. You can have as many free users as you like.

What is included in the subscription/price?
Check the pricing page for exact details of what is included in each plan.

Can I get unlimited calling?
We offer most companies a fixed price calling plan (Unlimited calling), that give you surety over costs. These plans are subject to our Fair Use Policy (see below).

What else might I pay for?

In addition to your subscription plan, you may pay for calls you make that are not included in your subscription plan, additional numbers you use (e.g. DDIs), and calls customers make to any free-phone numbers you setup. If users operating in poor WiFi or cellular data reception areas use carrier calling mode, then you pay for the cost to send those calls to the employee's mobile phone.

What is the Fair Use Policy ?
Spoke is based on a fair and reasonable use policy. It’s all about ensuring everyone gets a good quality business phone system for a fair price. 

To keep it fair for everyone, we reserve the right to not offer services to, or apply additional charges to companies that exceed our Fair Use Policy.

Our Fair Use Policy relates to the maximum number and duration of calls made in one month and referenced against the average calling profiles of other customers and estimated customer use of this service.  If call volumes (number and duration) materially exceed estimated usage patterns over any month, then your use will be deemed excessive and/or unreasonable. If you breach this policy we may ask you to moderate your usage or agree to new pricing. If you fail to do so, we reserve the right, without further notice, to remove access to the service in question.

Do you offer pricing for non-profits and charities?

Yes. Officially registered charities/non-profits get a 20% discount on listed pricing. Please contact us to apply your discount.

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