Spoke can work effectively no matter what your situation is. Spoke has three modes of making and taking calls, depending on your environment. For instance, if you don’t have great WiFi or cell data, Spoke can still deliver clear calls using your phone’s voice connection.

The three modes are:

  • Full HD / VoIP. For companies that have Fibre and a professionally configured WiFi, Spoke goes over your internet connection
  • HD / Carrier. For companies where some employees don’t have access to consistent high quality WiFi/Data, then calls to these employees go over their normal carrier voice connection
  • Carrier Only. For companies where everyone has insufficient access to high quality WiFi/Data, then Spoke runs all calls over the phone’s carrier voice connection

The result is whatever your situation, you can configure Spoke to deliver calls that are at least the same quality of the normal cell phone calls you get today.

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