The Spoke free trial is so you can experience Spoke, but more importantly, it's to ensure that moving your business to a fully mobile phone system will suit the way that your business and people operate.

The second thing you are testing, is that Spoke will work well in your technical environment (WiFi, Cell Data, etc.), and that you can get good quality calls.

Success during free trials

We've found that if you do these activities during your free trial, you will be successful.

  • Two or more people in your company install the app
  • Each of you make and take more than 10 calls
  • Each of you make calls in pretending to be a customer
  • Each of you make calls outbound to a customer
  • Each of you make calls to each other
  • Each of you answer and transfer calls
  • You add some teams, and add people into the teamsĀ 
  • You have a few long conversations
  • You try Spoke in each mode to test call quality, so you know which mode to implement (more on this subject later)
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