What is Spoke Phone?

Spoke is a complete business phone system, inside your moblie phone.

Spoke replaces traditional business telephone systems with a simple app you install on your mobile phone. There is no need for wires, hardware, or any complicated setup and maintenance. 

You get all the big phone system features like voice menus, customized greetings, team calling, warm transfer, etc., but made simple to use on your mobile phone.

Spoke has two modes to support any company 

  • HD calling (VoIP) for when you’ve got great WiFi or 4G data, and;
  • Carrier calling mode that uses your carrier’s voice network for when you’re data signal is not so good.

All you now need for a complete business phone system, are mobile phones on any carrier/network.

Who should use Spoke Phone?

  • You have employees in the main office, but some work at home, on the road, or in satellite offices
  • You’re looking to provide mobility/freedom for employees
  • You’re adding a new office/branch
  • You’re using mobiles as your business phone system today, but need to hide personal employee numbers from customers, transfer calls, and generally improve the customer experience
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