You are unrestricted during a free trial to:

  • Add users
  • Answer inbound calls, and talk for as long as you like
  • Make calls between Spoke users, and talk for as long as you like
  • Make outbound calls to any number in the world
  • Use and setup all features

Limited during your free trial:

  • You can only configure  1x local land line number, which acts as your temporary company main line number during the trial
  • Outbound calls are limited to one minute in duration

Unsupported during free trials:

  • Porting phone numbers
  • Free-phone numbers

Effect of trial limitations

  • One number. You may want more than one number to test locale/geo-location call routing. If so call us and we can talk about activating multiple numbers for you
  • One minute outbound calls.  Outbound calls are restricted to one minute in length.  To test call quality over longer calls, you can answer an inbound call and talk for as long as you want. You can also do unlimited length calls between Spoke users

Trial Extensions

We understand some customers have time pressures, and seven days is not enough for them to get a good feel for the system. Contact us if you need more time.

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