Subscription plans, what's included, call costs, discounts for nonprofits or charities, and more.

How does pricing work?

There are three subscription plans, Essentials, Pro, and Enterprise.

Each plan contains different features and service levels. You choose the subscription plan that best suits your business needs.

You can either pay month-to-month, (with no contract) or sign up for an annual contract and receive a good discount by paying for the year in advance.

The price of the subscription plan you choose, is what you will pay for each user that you add.

Can we mix plans?

The subscription plan you select applies to all users. You cannot mix subscription plans.

What features are included in each plan?

Check the pricing page for the latest pricing details and what features and service levels are included under each subscription plan.

Are there free users?

Not yet.

We do however realize that you may have employees that only need to talk to customers every now and then, and it's not cost-effective to buy them a full license.

We are considering adding a 'free user' license where a free user can call teammates, attend internal team conference calls, and make two or three customer calls a month.

Are calls included?

In some countries local, national and mobile calls are included in the subscription plan. In most countries, however, calls are not included.

In countries where calls are not included in the subscription plan, you have three choices:

  • Metered calls. You pay for the calls you make (pay-as-you-go)
  • Purchase an unlimited calling plan
  • (Enterprise subscribers can) use an existing carrier calling contract (BYOC)

Can I get unlimited calling?

Yes. We offer most companies a fixed price calling plan (Unlimited calling), that gives you surety over costs. Most unlimited calling plans include calls in your home country and a variety of other countries. Unlimited calling plans are subject to our Fair Use Policy.

Can we get custom calling plans?

Yes. If you are an Enterprise plan subscriber and have specific countries and routes you wish to call often, we are able to build a custom calling plan with routing rules to deliver special pricing for you.

What else might I pay for?

In addition to your subscription plan, you may pay for calls you make that are not included in your call plan, additional numbers you use (e.g. DIDs - DIDs - Direct inward dialling (DID), also called direct dial-in (DDI) in Europe and Oceania, is a feature that allows a caller to directly call a person, team, or group, by-passing an auto-attendant. ), and calls customers make to any toll-free numbers you setup.

If some of your users are operating in poor Wi-Fi or cellular data reception areas, they may need to use Spoke Phone in carrier calling - carrier calling - When a user is in poor Wi-Fi or cellular data areas and call quality suffers, switching to Carrier Calling sends calls to a user's mobile phone via the carrier cellular signal. mode. Carrier calling mode delivers calls using the carrier cellular network, negating the need for good Wi-Fi / Data connectivity. You pay for the cost to send calls over the carrier cellular network.

What is the Fair Use Policy ?

Spoke is based on a fair and reasonable use policy. It’s all about ensuring everyone gets a good quality business phone system for a fair price.

To keep it fair for everyone, we reserve the right to withhold services to, or apply additional charges to companies that exceed our Fair Use Policy.

Our Fair Use Policy relates to the maximum number and duration of calls made in one month and referenced against the average calling profiles of other customers and estimated customer use of this service. If call volumes (number and duration) materially exceed estimated usage patterns over any month, then your use will be deemed excessive and/or unreasonable. If you breach this policy we may ask you to moderate your usage or agree to new pricing. If you fail to do so, we reserve the right, without further notice, to remove access to the service in question.

Do you offer pricing for nonprofits and charities?

Yes. Officially registered charities and nonprofits are able to purchase Spoke Phone on a month-to-month basis with no-contract, and receive the 24% discount offered to companies pre-paying and agreeing to annual plan commitments. Please contact us to apply your discount.

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Subscription plans, what's included, call costs, discounts for nonprofits or charities, and more.

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