Spoke automatically selects a Caller ID based on rules the company has setup

However, if your company allows it, you can manually select a Caller ID as you place a call. For example:  

  • You have multiple brands or divisions in your company and you want to call from a specific number that the user will recognize.
  • You have a DDI and you want to use that so people call you back on your direct line

Setting up your default Caller ID

You can set what Caller ID you want Spoke to typically show callers as you make calls. You can overwrite this default setting as you make a call.

  • Go to the Spoke app
  • Tap on the User icon at the bottom and select Settings
  • Tap My Caller ID
  • If you Company allows you to override the system wide Caller ID rules, you will see these two options. Select the one you want.

Overriding Caller ID when you make a call

Sometimes you will want to select a different Caller ID as you make a call, and not reply on Spoke or your default setting.

To select a Caller ID as you make a call:

  • Tap and hold a call history to open the Select Caller ID screen
  • OR, Tap and hold the call button on the dial pad, to open the Select Caller ID screen
  • Select the number you wish to use as your Caller ID
  • The call is placed using that number
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